Machine-Making Minds Made by Mind-Making Machines

Machine-Making Minds Made by Mind-Making Machines November 21, 2013

I happened across another iteration of the design argument in its modern-day form, the essence of which can be boiled down to the following:

  • All machines we know of are made by minds;
  • DNA is like a machine;
  • Therefore DNA was intelligently designed.

The person who made the argument said they thought this worked with 100% certainty!

Why do I not find this logic sound? Because one could even more easily argue the following:

  • All minds we know of with certainty are connected with biological organisms;
  • Biological organisms are made through a process involving DNA;
  • Therefore all minds are made by DNA.

Our machine-making minds are produced by “machines” (DNA) which are more widespread than minds are, and the natural occurrence or otherwise of which is precisely the issue.

It could well be that minds make machines because minds emerge from machine-like processes which occur naturally in nature. If so, then the first argument puts the cart before the horse. And if that is not the case, then that must be demonstrated. The design argument begs the question, it doesn't answer it.

We like solving mysteries, but some puzzles are not so easily cracked.


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