A New Two-Source Hypothesis

A New Two-Source Hypothesis December 6, 2013

I came across the above image in a comment on Mark Goodacre’s NT Pod website. I was looking for images to embed in an upcoming post with lyrics to a song I’m writing called “Farrer-Goulder-Goodacreian Rhapsody.”

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  • Ian

    This is superb. Good job Pawel.

    I’m intrigued by the song.

  • Jim West

    you crack me up.

  • Guest

    Hi James,
    I find this an interesting case study in correlation-causation and lines of dependence. A year ago in Dec, after an off-the-cuff joke in class about Wikipedia, I had the great idea to do a Syn Prob chart with Wikipedia as the source behind it all… and did so and posted it on FB, and some friends shared it. (But it was configured differently.) I often (but not always) read Mark’s blog, but I don’t ever recall seeing the link to the wikipedia joke in the comments. I was actually surprised to see the link predated my joke by 2 years because I initially thought that someone (not Mark) might have reworked my joke. But they’re both independent creations. Anyway. Yeah, pretty funny to think of the Great W as a source… 🙂 Thanks for sharing the lighter side of life on your blog.
    Happy end of the semester to you,
    –Jeff Cate,
    Riverside, CA

    • Are they both independent, or do they stem from a common source, aka Wikipedia? 🙂

      But seriously, thanks for sharing your own idea, and if you still have that image, I’d be interested to see it and perhaps share it, by way of illustration that there is more than one possible source hypothesis involving Wikipedia!