Baffling Bible Passages

Baffling Bible Passages December 12, 2013

IO9 made a list of “The 9 Most Baffling Bible Passages.” Some of them really are baffling even to all the scholars I’ve read or spoken with about them. Others make more sense with some background information.

If you made a list of the most baffling Bible passages, which ones would be the same as those on the IO9 list, and which would be different? And just to make it that little bit more challenging, of your choices, how many can you find recreated in LEGOs somewhere online?

Of related interest, Rachel Held Evans asks “How hard can it be to find a handmade, fair-trade, biblically-accurate, ethnically-realistic, reasonably-priced, child-safe nativity scene?


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  • R Vogel

    Most Baffling Passages: Judges 20 & 21 for sure. Some Benjamites rape and kill a dudes concubine so the other tribes attack them and kill all men, women, children and animals accept for 600 who fled in the woods. Then they feel bad that they didn’t leave them any women, so they attack another group and kill everyone and steal their virgins. But there weren’t enough so they tell those without wives to hide in the woods while yet another group throws a festival and when their ladies come out grab who you can and carry her home. And “Then they returned to their inheritance and rebuilt the towns and settled in them.”

  • dangjin1

    Read john 14:15-20 then you will understand why you cannot understand the Bible.

    • Those who can understand most of the Bible will probably also understand right away why you quoted John 14:15-20, what you wish it said, and how what it actually says is different from what you think it does.

    • Ian

      Do you ever actually engage dangjin? Or do you just visit each post to make sure it is sprayed with your self-righteousness and move on?

  • FredClark

    Deane Galbraith provides a Lego scene of the Nephilim from that baffling bit in Genesis 6. I would worry about anyone who attempted a Lego recreation of Zechariah 14 (the passage about which Martin Luther wrote, “Here … I give up”).

  • TomS

    I’d have to include Genesis 1:14-19 among the most puzzling. There have been three days and nights, and there is a separation between light and darkness, and on the fourth day luminaries are placed in the firmament to separate light from darkness and to mark the passage of days. What has been going on for the previous three days? What has changed that means that something is now needed starting on the fourth day to do things that have been happening perfectly well before?

  • TomS

    How about the opening words of the Bible: b’reshith bara’ …? First of all, can anyone consistently parse them? What action does bara’ refer to? What does tohu v’bohu mean? What is the ruach ‘elohim and what does the verb m’rachepeth mean? etc, etc, etc.