Better in 7/8 Time

Better in 7/8 Time December 10, 2013

Many things are better in 7/8 time. Here’s “Sleigh Ride”:

And here’s “Good King Wenceslas”:

The latter video I’ve shared before – the arrangement and fiddle playing are by Alex de Pue, brother of Zach de Pue, who is the concertmaster of the Indianapolist Symphony Orchestra, as well as a member of Time for Three.

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  • Ian

    Sleigh ride is a nice arrangement in 7.

    Wenceslas has just been syncopated into 7, though, rather than arranged in 7. A bit like playing ‘Be Thou My Vision’ in 4. The Dulcimer and fiddle are played beautifully though, really sensitive. Nice job.

  • GakuseiDon

    Here, an organist from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir gives 3 renditions of “Good King Wenceslas” using music from “The Nutcracker”. The last one — the Russian dance — is brilliant!

    • Ian

      That is simply awesome. Thanks so much for sharing! I’d love to see a production like this of him playing the organ arrangement of the Nutcracker on that organ. It has a beautiful sound.