Farrer-Goulder-Goodacreian Rhapsody

Farrer-Goulder-Goodacreian Rhapsody December 7, 2013

Is this a real source?

Is this just fantasy?

Scholarly landslide

An escape from reality

Open the Gospels

Find parallels and see

Because it’s Markan priority

Then Matt and Luke agree

Anyway the wind blows, Q stuff really matters to me, to me

Farrar debunked the trend

Laid out evidence and said

The Q theory should be shed

Goulder made Q-debunking fun

Now Goodacre has shown us all the way

Kloppenborg oooooh didn’t mean to make you cry

If the Synoptic problem’s solved this time tomorrow

Carry on, carry on

As if Q still really matters

Too late, Q’s time has come

Luke was reading Matthew’s lines

He rewrote them all just fine

Goodbye everybody – Q’s got to go

Gotta leave Q far behind and face the truth

Tuckett, ooooh

Q won’t want to die

I sometimes wish they’d not posited it at all

I see a little silhouetto of a source

Burton Mack, Marcus Borg, must you publish editions?

Layered Q redactions – have so little traction, see?

B. H. Streeter, Robert Stein,

F. G. Downing, Frans Neirynck,

James M. Robinson also – They all say so

I’m just a scholar, nobody loves me

He’s just a scholar, at a university

Spare him these too complex hypotheses

Sources come sources go – will you let Q go?

Let Q go! No – we will not let Q go – let it go

Let Q go! We will not let Q go – let it go

Let Q go! We will not let Q go – let it go

Will not let Q go – let it go

Never let Q go – let it go

Never let Q go – ooo

No, no, no, no, no, no, no –

Oh Mark Goodacre, Mark Goodacre, Mark Goodacre let Q go

Johann Griesbach has some choice words set aside for thee

for thee

for thee

If you posit redaction and set Q aside

Say Luke took Matthew’s sermons and then pulverized

Your case cements with minor agreements

You’re gonna get Q, just wanna get Q outta here

Ooh yeah, ooh yeah

Q still really matters

Anyone can see

Q still really matters – Q still really matters to me

The scholarly winds blow…

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