Geographical Arrogance

Geographical Arrogance January 21, 2014

Sabio Lantz shared the following image on his blog:

One could point out the ignorance of the person who made the image, clearly unaware that the three traditions collectively would expand the range of God’s action, just in the stories told in their Scriptures, into the Arabian peninsula, Turkey, Greece, and Egypt, at the very least.

Or one could go further than the image’s math does, and add some estimate of the size of the universe – we cannot be absolutely certain quite how large it is, but we can say that it is at least some 92 billion light years across, based on the part of it that is visible to us. (Visit and explore this cool interactive site on the scale of the universe).

The latter approach makes an important point, despite the problems with the graphic. But it doesn’t mean that there is no God, or anything of that sort. What it does indicate is the arrogance of any human being claiming to have the definitive perspective, as though everything important happens in their corner of the planet, or of the universe – or exclusively in their religious tradition, nation, or species.

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