Historical Jesus Lectures on YouTube

Historical Jesus Lectures on YouTube January 14, 2014

I remember just a few years ago when the number of scholarly materials on YouTube was minimal. My how that’s changed! Johnny Walker mentioned this lecture by Dale Allison on his blog today:


That lecture relates to his book The Historical Christ and the Theological Jesus. Below is another lecture, by John P. Meier, on what sort of Jew Jesus was:

And of course, there are others that you probably already know about, such as the one from Dale Martin’s Yale course:

See as well the ones I mentioned just a few days ago when Biblical Studies Online was launched. There’s quite a wealth of resources out there now, although the question of how many people will choose such high-quality lectures over other things which don’t reflect the same scholarly expertise is another matter.

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  • John Walker

    I’m interested James, which scholars do you think are closest to understanding the historical Jesus?

    • Actually probably Dale Allison.

      • John Walker

        Ok, great. I’m increasingly feeling the need to read him.

      • Ian

        Constructing Jesus is the book I think that helped me most think about the Historical Jesus. I still have a soft-spot for reading Sanders and Crossan, 20 years ago, but I totally second Dale Allison.

        (with the proviso that I’ve probably read only a fraction of the HJ material you have)

  • Anthony Le Donne

    Thanks for the links!


  • Just Sayin’

    Mark D. Ciple is pretty “right on” too!