Quote for MLK Day

Quote for MLK Day January 20, 2014


The quotation above comes from the document that has been circulating a lot in recent days, offering advice for the situation of the newly-integrated buses in Montgomery, Alabama. Here is the entire document below.

Here's another image with the same quotation, in case you like it better:


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  • “This places upon us all a tremendous responsibility of maintaining, in face of what could be some unpleasantness, a calm and loving dignity befitting good citizens and members of our Race. If there is violence in word or deed it must not be our people who commit it!”


  • arcseconds

    I did a bit of a double-take there, because at first parse I took the ‘newly’ to mean ‘newly relative to now’ rather than ‘newly relative to the time of writing’, and thought “wait on, didn’t that happen in the 1960s?” then “maybe there’s some other sort of integration happening now… two bus services merging or something”.

    MLK is looking pretty sharp in the bottom picture!