Richard Dawkins Interviews Father George Coyne

Richard Dawkins Interviews Father George Coyne January 30, 2014

It was pointed out that a quote from Father George Coyne which I shared recently doesn’t quite put things accurately. I was able to track down some of the sources that were drawn on to make the composite quotation. The more problematic part comes from the interview with Richard Dawkins given above, in which Coyne is speaking off the cuff and so not articulating things as precisely as might be expected (although the wording is still surprising). Part of the quotation comes from an article in USA Today. And part seems to be from this interview with Bill Maher in Religulous:

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  • If you have to be so careful that you don’t spill your real thoughts, I’ll take”speaking off the cuff” any time. He outright says his religious views (with gods, spirits and such) is much richer than people that don’t include such fables.