Say NO to Fundamentalism

Say NO to Fundamentalism January 27, 2014

Steve Caruso shared the above image he made, in a post which suggests that the most relevant verse in the Bible when it comes to young-earth creationism might not be something in Genesis 1-3, but Matthew 18:6. Click through to read the rest.


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  • James,
    I thought you might like to check out this interview with Dale Allison on the existence of Jesus:

    • Thank you, although I am not sure why you think this is relevant to this post as opposed to the enormous number of posts on mythicism and/or the historical Jesus on this blog.

  • T. Webb

    Dr. McGrath, don’t you think this also applies to someone who teaches that god is personal, humanity is somehow special and created in the ‘image’ of god, that Jesus was in any sense ‘divine’ or performed ‘miracles’, that he rose from the dead, etc.?

    • No. I don’t follow your reasoning. In what sense are those things unnecessarily driving young people away from the Christian faith the way young-earth creationism’s deceit does?

  • Just Sayin’

    As usual, you are both winsome and biblical!

  • Sean Garrigan

    Say “No” to zeitgeistian deism = “progressive” Christianity, because while it may allow one to embrace the higgledy-piggledy theory of Que Sara Sara, it also leaves one scratching his head, not only wondering what’s left to believe, but whether there’s enough left to inspire the sort of confidence that Paul had in the life-changing message he brought to the world.