An Important Science Fair Project

An Important Science Fair Project February 16, 2014

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  • Matthew Funke

    While I chuckled at this, I’m not sure it’s true. Kids are curious creatures. If you brainstorm with them on something to do to explore their curiosity, science fairs can be a lot of fun.
    A few months ago, for example, I found out my little girl is curious about crystals. We tried different mixtures and different circumstances, and we *both* learned a lot. It’s really a treasured memory.

    • VorJack

      In my experience, kids are curious right up to the point that you tell them that their curiosity will be graded.

      • I have definitely been part of positive science fair experiences. But I have also been part of the overambitious concept started much too late to be feasible as well. And so I would definitely not want to generalize that this comical project represents what always happens. And even ones of the sort lamented above, everyone learns the value of not procrastinating… 🙂

        • VorJack

          Most of my experience is from the other side. My mother is a science teacher, and I spent many an afternoon keeping busy as she graded all the science fair projects. For every thoughtful experiment there were usually two baking-soda-and-vinegar volcanoes.

      • Matthew Funke

        Never bothered my girl. It’s more important — and I said so from the beginning — that she have fun exploring and learn how to explain what she found to anyone interested than the mark she gets. Thankfully, so far, she has teachers who agree.