Defending Absolute Truth?

Defending Absolute Truth? February 2, 2014

Zack Hunt, after quoting Isaiah, writes:

This is what, or rather who, we should be defending.

The orphan.

The widow.

The oppressed.

The least of these right outside our door.

But like the Israel of Isaiah’s day, we suffer from an idolatry of faith that values theology and tradition more than people. We’re plagued by an idolatrous obsession over ideas that’s driven by a unquenchable need for control, a paranoid fear of the other, intense personal insecurity, and a pathological need to be right and have others recognize that we’re right.

But the gospel isn’t about absolute truth.

It’s about absolute love.

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HT Danut Manastireanu

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  • $51751848

    And why should we be doing those things? Because of who God is, our status as beings made in the image of God, and what God has done for us, all absolute truths. I will rejoice when this silly ‘truth vs. love’ dichotomy finally dies away once and for all.

    • Guest

      Very true!

      Love “does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth” (1 Cor 13:6).

      The love the Bible refers as being good is objective for the very fact that God IS love.

      If you have an objective love, a Godly love, then that love WILL abhor evil (Rom 12:9); that love will reject what is not of God, will reject what is not of truth.

      As Jesus declares you cannot serve two masters, because loving one necessarily means you will hate the other (Matt 6:24). Love necessarily means you reject what is false; loving God (Love) necessaily means you reject what is not of God (Love).

      Love = Truth

      Loving what is evil does not make it good, it condemns as it just means one does in fact love evil. Which is actually hate of Love (God).

      Subjective love is just another form of the idolatry of the self.

      The modern slogan of love is love, with the self as the reference point, is just another means to deny God as it equates the subjective possibilites: ((X) = (notX)).

      When used as an objective reference point it is a contradiction. Or to rephrase it: good = evil.

      Which about sums up secularism/humanism, because if you hold up any subjective reference point as an objective reference point it will always contain a contradiction.

      In other words, love is love, secularism and humanism are impossible to be true.

      It also sums up this person’s article as it is also a contradiction and is impossible to be true…