Happy Darwin Day!

Happy Darwin Day! February 12, 2014

The nit-picker in me wants to point out that people do not evolve, populations do. Evolution occurs over generations, not over silent moments. But having said that, my initial reaction to the cartoon above, shared by P. Z. Myers, was to think “My Sunday school class would totally do that.”

Loren Crow wrote on Facebook: “I propose that we change the acronym YEC “young-earth creationism” to YECH “young earth creationist heresy.” This would clarify matters considerably, in addition to providing a truer and more memorable acronym.” What do you think? Is this a good idea?

Rev. Charles Allen has shared some thoughts and a paraphrase of John 1 in celebration of evolution.

Bill Nye’s words have been put to music to celebrate the joy of discovery:

And of course, that answers the question one young-earth creationist at the Nye-Ham debate asked about whether Bill Nye is being a positive influence on children.

Happy Darwin Day everyone!

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  • I liked the cartoon. Of course, it is absurd. But that’s what makes it funny.

    I do like “YECH”. I agree with what that acronym stands for, and the way it sounds is pretty good as a reaction.

  • Sean Garrigan

    Yes, the commemoration of Darwin Day, like celebration of Christmas and Easter, appropriately reminds all of the religious faith that inspired it.

    • To re-liege means to re-connect. Why not reconnect to the reality of the Cosmos?

      “For God so loved the Cosmos…” ~John 3:16

      Best get to watching Carl Sagan’s famous series.


      • Sean Garrigan

        It’s interesting how Sagan’s comment that the Cosmos is all there is, was, or will be is permitted to pass, but had he dared say that ID is legit, he’d have become an outcast for objectionable behavior.

    • Christmas/Easter

      I’m glad you too celebrate earth religion holidays marking the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox holiday seasons. I myself am certainly awaiting with glee the coming of Ishtar/Ēostre, when light (12:01 to be exact) over comes darkness (11:59 of nighttime) and the SΩn is risen again towards the Tropic of Cancer and my pasture is once again green and I don’t have to feed expensive hay. And new calves on the ground! Life is once again resurrected from Winter’s death!


      • Sean Garrigan

        Actually, I think that the Jesus of the Bible would have had nothing to do with the mass that is preceded by his office. It’s a sham “holiday”, just like Darwin Day.

  • melodysheep is so great! We’ve bought the children’s CD for riding in the car. Many of the videos on youtube my boys have the words memorized. They’re our hymns.