It Is Written and Rewritten

It Is Written and Rewritten February 27, 2014

Bruce Gerencser shared another Answers in Genesis cartoon that seems to get things backwards. The Bible has been written and rewritten. There is evidence that individual texts made use of earlier sources, and that authors like the Chronicler or Luke used one or more texts now included in the Bible as sources. The texts were then copied, and did not remain entirely unchanged in that process.

While scientists do revise their conclusions, the evidence they study does not change, unless new evidence comes to light. And suggesting that having new information is a bad thing, or that changing one’s mind in light of new evidence is a bad thing, is clearly advocating dogmatism instead of education.

And so there is indeed a choice to be made. You must decide whether to revise your views in light of evidence and careful investigation, or stick to a stance based on your fallible human understanding of texts that were authored, written, and copied by fallible human beings.

And you must decide whether you are going to allow yourself to be duped by cartoons that clearly misrepresent the choice that you need to make.

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