What If Love Were Our North Star?

What If Love Were Our North Star? February 24, 2014

What if the most absolute essential statement anyone could make about Christianity was that we love people? That how we loved was the only thing we really cared about or ever evaluated, and we stopped asking about how “theologically sound” someone is, or how “biblically based”? What if love were our North Star, instead of do you affirm the deity of Christ and his virgin birth?

Samantha Field, on the blog Defeating the Dragons


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  • How the world’s most profitable institution be maintained with just love?

  • I’m Ambassador Orson from the planet Polaris in the Ursa Minor constellation where our Star reigns supreme. We worship this Star as our God, so please don’t disparage our Deity by implying that human love, all by itself, is perfected enough without a Deity, to be guided by our God, which you call your North Star. Humans are imperfect and incapable of peaceful co-existence. So please keep your distance from us. Thank you and our regards to Captain Kirk.

  • R Vogel

    The primary confession of the Christan before the world is the deed which interprets itself. -D Bonhoeffer

  • $41348855

    Remember that love is just a series of chemical reactions. So Christianity could become a branch of chemistry.

    • James M

      Which is a branch of physics. This is “Big Bang Theory” territory:

      Sheldon: You take that back.
      Amy: Absolutely not. My colleagues and I are mapping the neurological
      substrates that subserve global information processing, which is
      required for all cognitive reasoning, including scientific inquiry,
      making my research ipso facto prior in the ordo cognoscendi. That means it’s better than his research, and by extension, of course, yours.
      Leonard: I’m sorry, I’m-I’m still trying to work on the defecating Clark Maxwell, so…
      Sheldon: Excuse me, but a grand unified theory, insofar as it explains everything, will ipso facto explain neurobiology.
      Amy: Yes, but if I’m successful, I will be able to map and reproduce
      your thought processes in deriving a grand unified theory, and
      therefore, subsume your conclusions under my paradigm.
      Sheldon: That’s the rankest psychologism, and was conclusively revealed as hogwash by Gottlob Frege in the 1890s!
      Amy: We appear to have reached an impasse.
      Sheldon: I agree. I move our relationship terminate immediately.
      Amy: Seconded.
      Sheldon: There being no objections…
      All: No, uh-uh.
      Sheldon: The motion carries. Good day, Amy Farrah Fowler.
      Amy: Good day, Sheldon Cooper.
      Howard: Women, huh? Can’t live with them, can’t successfully refute their hypotheses.
      Sheldon: Amen to that.


      • $41348855

        For a slightly different perspective from Ernest Rutherford:
        “All science is either physics or stamp collecting.”

  • Gary

    Or Southern Cross. Can’t leave out the bottom half of the earth, assuming bottom is south.

  • guest

    Then you wouldn’t be called Christians but ‘Love-ians’. Which might lead to you being confused with fans of Lovecraft.
    There would be some overlap between ‘love first’ Christians and ‘love first’ Buddhists and so on, so you might end up with something like the Unitarian Universalists.

    • Well, if Christ taught people to prioritize love, then there is no particular reason why one would have to adopt the name “Loveian” as opposed to “Christian.”