Why Don’t We Have Both?

Why Don’t We Have Both? February 4, 2014

Out of the mouths of babes. And a little child shall lead them.

If the meme is unfamiliar to you, watch this commercial.

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  • ‘Cause they contradict each other; that’s why.

    • Shakespeare’s plays frequently contradict science as well, but I’ll gladly take them together.

      • Me too, but not as something inerrant.

        • James doesn’t subscribe to inerrancy; so, for him there’s room for both.

          Hamster, of course, is another story.

  • guest

    I’m fine with having both the Bible and science as long as people understand that the Bible is a collection of myths, legends, poetry and proverbs and science is a method for finding out the truth about the world, and if the Bible contradicts the evidence gathered by scientists, it’s the Bible that’s wrong.

    People taking Genesis literally is stupid. (They’re a great band but their lyrics aren’t factually based).

    • $26634104

      Actually, archeology and contemporary historical accounts back up many things in the Bible…