AAR and SBL CFP March 4, 2014

This is just a reminder that the deadline for the call for papers for both the American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature is March 5th. I think that means that you have until the end of the day today, rather than the end of the day tomorrow (UPDATE: The AAR deadline is 2pm tomorrow afternoon). If you are still looking for a venue, and your work would make it natural for you to submit a proposal to one of these sessions, I encourage you to consider the program units that I chair – the “Blogger and Online Publication” SBL section, and the brand new “Traditions of Eastern Late Antiquity” AAR section.

Also, we are considering putting together an invited panel of scholarly bloggers in Biblical studies. I’d hate to miss someone that I really ought to invite, or whose extent of reach I may have missed. Who would you consider the most significant scholarly bloggers, whether in terms of their scholarly status apart from the blogs, or the extent to which they mediate scholarship to the general public with a broad and extensive reach? I have a few in mind, but thought I would ask for readers’ input as well.


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