Converting to the Scientific Method

Converting to the Scientific Method March 30, 2014

I saw this cartoon on Facebook. I have never encountered anyone who tried to win people to the scientific method this way. But it does raise the question of how we should spread the good news about our ever-improving understanding of the world through the application of science. Sometimes it is something one is brought up with, sometimes it is something one comes to through reading, sometimes it is something that one is won over to by some other means. We should not pretend that being open to critical investigation and allowing evidence to shape and change our thinking are not commitments that human beings do not simoly have naturally, but they involve a commitment, a conscious choice to follow that path.

Suddenly carrying that message door to door doesn't seem so silly – except that nowadays, few readily accept anything from a door-to-door salesperson, even if it is a new cable service. So how should anyone with any sort of good news share it in a manner appropriate to our day and age?


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