The Bible, the Veil, and the Spirit

The Bible, the Veil, and the Spirit March 24, 2014

Mention was made in a Facebook conversation I had recently of Paul’s reference (2 Cor. 3) to the Scriptures being read while veiled. Many refer to it as though it were about the inability of people to understand Scripture without supernatural assistance.

But it doesn’t mean that, despite what is so often claimed. It is echoing the story of Moses’ face being veiled after he spoke with God face to face, to hide from people that the glory faded with time. This is then applied figuratively to the reading of the Jewish Scriptures, with Paul asserting that its readers in his time fail to realize that it too has a less than permanent glory.

And so, ironically, this text is an example of how those who insist that you cannot understand Scripture without the help of the Spirit, presumably have the Spirit, and yet even so misunderstand the Scriptures.

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