Young-Earth Creationism: Sola Scriptura Abused

Young-Earth Creationism: Sola Scriptura Abused March 19, 2014

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  • TomS

    As a matter of practice, there are few follow it:
    1) Those who add on such like Noah’s Flood changing the landscape by carving the Grand Canyon and the rise of modern species by the few “kinds” on the Ark.
    2) Those who follow modern science by allowing heliocentrism against Biblical geocentrism.

    • $41348855

      It should also be pointed out that a great flood cannot possibly carve out a *meandering* channel – which is what we see in the Grand Canyon. In fact, we do know what a great flood can do to a landscape because there is an actual example of it in the channeled scablands. What we see there are braided channels rather than a meandering channel. We also see giant ripple marks and potholes the size of a house that have been carved out by vortices created during the flood. These are unique geological features.

  • I think of it as a slippery slope-if one accepts some ludicrous claims in an old book as true, and there is nothing to prevent that one from accepting other such ludicrous claims as true, that one will most likely accept more ludicrous claims from that old book as true.

  • R Vogel

    I think the word Michael was searching for is ‘idol.’ :p