As You Would Want Done Unto Your Children

As You Would Want Done Unto Your Children April 13, 2014

I saw this on Facebook, and it made me wonder whether this could lead to a more powerful restatement of the Golden Rule. We may forego our own needs, but we will often trample others in the interests of our own children. When we do that, we forget that those we trample are someone's children, and we are thus contributing to making the world a place where children are trampled.

And so what if we did unto others – the children of others – as we would want done to our own children?


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  • Andrew Dowling

    The problem is they don’t perceive homosexuality as a legitimate category . . homosexual orientation is akin to demon possession.

  • redpill99

    uh the bible does state that bad children should be cursed and destroyed – noah and shem, leviticus, etc. god repeated states u must purge evil from among u

  • arcseconds

    I think the point of the post isn’t a figurative replacement of someone’s child with your own, though. The point isn’t that you should imagine when you’re sounding off at a gay person, you should imagine that that gay person is your child, but rather that your child may be gay, so you may quite literally be hurting them.

    You’re aware of this and are just riffing on the general idea, I’m sure.

    I think your suggestion does run the risk of backfiring precisely because of the reason you state. People who trample over others in the interests of their children often do so quite consciously: their children’s welfare is so important to them that other considerations really are completely secondary. They even often trample over the concerns of other children — think of someone trying to pull strings and hound people until little Johnny gets into the first 11. It’s obvious that if they succeed, Johnny’s selection won’t be based on merit, so someone else’s kid who’s a better soccer player will be left out.

    Such a person, when encouraged to think on the usual golden rule might go ‘hmm, yes, that is a good idea’, but as soon as you bring their children into it go ‘wait, no! they totally come first over everything!’.

  • Gary

    If you have a son or daughter that is gay, hopefully you simply want them to have a good, happy life. No hate-mongers judging them by some 2000 year old cultural standard. Even Dick Cheney found a heart (although on life support) with his one daughter.

  • buzzdixon

    Sad to say, many of them DO know this…