Ignoring the Most Biblical Explanation

Ignoring the Most Biblical Explanation April 19, 2014

The above chart comes from NonStamp Collector, via Hemant Mehta.

In addition to Biblical inerrantists ignoring the most obvious and reasonable explanation of what is in the Bible, they are actually ignoring the most Biblical explanation. The contradictions, discrepancies, and difficulties are there within the Bible, because human beings have put these texts with their differences into the collection we call the Bible. The only way to claim that the collection is inerrant is to allow one’s doctrine about the Bible, brought into the picture from outside the Bible, to tell the Bible that it isn’t allowed to say two different things, but can only mean one of them, or something complex that combines the two.

Inerrancy is all about paying lip-service to the Bible, while actually working hard against it, in order to prevent what it actually says from undermining one’s extrabiblical doctrine about what the Bible is.

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