Samson Gets an “F” in Ethics

Samson Gets an “F” in Ethics April 4, 2014

Brandon Withrow interviewed me a while back for an article he was writing. The article has now appeared online in On Faith. Click through to read it.

Brandon’s post on his own blog mentioning the article, which is about violence in the Bible, has the provocative title “Evangelical Professors Give Moses an ‘F’ in Ethics.” Since the part of my interview he quotes is focused on Samson, I adapted his title for the title of my own post, flunking Samson too.

While the article situates me firmly in the mainline and on the left, it is worth noting, in relation to the article’s focus on Evangelical scholars, that Evangelicalism is definitely the matrix that brought me to a personal faith and fostered my faith over a period of decades, and one with which I am still closely connected.

I hope the article stimulates interesting discussion about the topic of violence in the Bible!

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