A Young-Earth Creationist History of Dinosaurs

A Young-Earth Creationist History of Dinosaurs May 6, 2014

This came to my attention via Facebook. It seems to be intended to be taken completely seriously. I wonder whether they accept the stories of giant gold-mining ants in India, too. Note as well that the creator of this was presumably Protestant (most YECs are) and yet they are happy to treat the apocrypha as historical evidence when it suits them (referring to Bel and the Dragon, which is in the LXX version of the Book of Daniel but not the Hebrew and Aramaic one, and thus is not in Protestant and Jewish Bibles).


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  • histrogeek

    Can we get a TV show for the author? It could go on right next to Alien Astronauts. They may even share evidence with each other.
    But why no mention of the Ramayana? Surely Rama and Hanumann used dinosaurs to build their bridge.

  • If the term “dinosaur” was coined so late (I don’t know if that is true), then how could it be applied so easily to all of those disparate traditions? It’s almost as if each of those stories must be interpreted in its own literary and historical context. Imagine that!

    • James Walker

      oh, the irony… 😉

    • histrogeek

      It was coined very late, in the early 19th century. The timeline got that right.
      Ergo the whole thing must be right. Right?

  • This Flying Dragons of the Southwest thing is actually very interesting from a cultural perspective. http://www.strangemag.com/strangemag/strange21/thunderbird21/thunderbirdintro21.html

    • Gary

      Back in the bad old days, Thunderbird and Ripple caused many a college student in the Southwest to see visions. And also puke their guts out.

  • This is of relevance and was just drawn to my attention: http://digitalcommons.uncfsu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1007&context=bio_wp

  • Darla Doxstater

    Oh, would that the stupid really did burn!

  • Plutosdad

    Where is St. George? I mean dragons can’t possibly be real, he obviously just killed a dinosaur. I suppose they left him out for being Catholic.

  • All made up and has flunked miserably in explaining why there are no human relics, artifacts, ruins, and bones found in and around dinosaur bones within the rock strata dated between 230 and 65 million years ago.

    • histrogeek

      You don’t want to go there. I’m sure the YECs can explain that. It won’t make sense and will be mixture of honest ignorance, cultivated ignorance, and willful blindness that will make even the ancient alien theorists go, “That makes no sense at all.”
      But an explanation is an explanation.

      • Oh, they’ll explain it alright – denial, make believe conspiracies, and unfounded claims such as the one about the devil arranging the strata to test people’s faith.

  • Will

    You forgot to close a parenthetical at the very end. Please correct that punctuation error.

    Everything else is very insightful. What Young Earthers will accept when convenient never ceases to amaze.

  • Straining at gnats, while swallowing camels. Judging specks of dust in people’s eyes, while ignoring the logs sticking out of their own. These are creationist principles.