Klingon Christians

Klingon Christians May 25, 2014

Morgan Guyton has proposed “Klingon Christians” as a better designation for the Gospel Coalition's brand of conservative Christianity than other labels.

I think that the association is deeply offensive…to Klingons.

Guyton's point, building on observations by Pete Enns, is that this is a brand of warrior Christianity. And that is an unimportant point to make, as one of the appealing aspects of conservative born-again Christianity is the notion that everyday life is a battlefield of the forces between good and evil, and that one can play one's own heroic part in it.

But Klingons also value honor, while I cannot say that that is consistently a characteristic of what Guyton calls “Klingon Christians.” Hence my statement that his label – or rather, his comparison between the Gospel Coalition brand of conservative Christianity and Klingons – is offensive to Klingons.

Perhaps we should instead call this something I came up with in this post accidentally via a type: “born-against Christianity.” That could refer nicely to the kind of Christianity which seems to have a biologically hard-wired tendency to be opposed to things. Except that conservative Christians' opposition is notoriously selective.

Any other suggestions for a better label? Bonus points if it is drawn from science fiction!

A search to see what had been written previously about Klingon Christians turned up many interesting articles and websites, as well as a number of amusing images, some of which I include for your enjoyment below.


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