Avoid Bible Churches

Avoid Bible Churches June 28, 2014

The blog Two Friars and a Fool has a tongue-in-cheek list of things to watch out for when church shopping. I particularly liked this sign that you should give the church a wide berth:

Has “Bible” in the Name

Look, any church will have Bibles in it, as well as people who read those Bibles to a greater or lesser degree. I have found that churches with “Bible” in the title, though, have weaponized their Bibles, and are not afraid to use them. They seem to be afraid to actually read them, but as bludgeons they are quite handy. Save yourself the bruises.




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  • WonkishGuy

    There’s a worse warning sign: I was once part of a church that stopped running the Alpha course because it was not conservative enough. Suffice it to say that this happened after I realized that this was probably not a good place for a more progressive Christian and that it was time to find another church. I suspect however that how dogmatic the Alpha course ends up being is a function of the church that runs it. I know several Catholic churches in my area have an Alpha course and they’re usually more open to scholarship than evangelical churches.