End of the World (Asia)

End of the World (Asia) June 6, 2014

Click the above to listen to the song by the progressive rock band Asia. Here are the lyrics:

“End Of The World”

Buildings burning, blazing in the night

Searchlight sweeping, lazer beams of light

Desolation, smoke has filled the sky

Siren wailing, who can hear my cry?

So the darkness leaves me never

And the grinding wheels are turning ever

I believe that God is love, and that’s enough

To keep the evil demon away

Don’t say I don’t matter at all I will stand or I’ll fall,

You’re the most important call that I make

When I face that verdict today

‘Though it’s Auto-da-Fé?,’ I’ll say it’s really not

The End of the World

When I was young I was the golden son,

People said I was the chosen one

And I knew I must walk like a man

Never fail, and do the best I can

When I see that light come shining

When I feel the sacred spirit rising

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