Break the Chain

Break the Chain July 18, 2014


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TRENDING AT PATHEOS Progressive Christian
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  • guest

    No. I’m not going to be kind to cruel people. I will not let them walk over me. Cruelty will be met with resistance. I will defend myself and the people I love.

    Contempt won’t be met by compassion either. I don’t believe contempt comes from a place of hurt- it comes from arrogance. I will meet contempt with contempt. I will save my compassion for people who are suffering.

    ‘Hurt people hurt people’- some of them do. Some of them don’t, some of them treat people with empathy because they understand what it means to be hurt. And some people who hurt people aren’t hurting, they’re just jerks. They do it because they can. Because they have the power. Well, I’m not going to bend over for those guys. They can go to hell.

    • Michael Wilson

      Most people think the people they are being cruel, contemptuous, and hurtful to are jerks that think they have it coming. By finding ways to settle differences without resorting to that which most satisfies rage we can form bonds of trust. When we don’t hang pick pockets, torture soldiers, kill civilians, or otherwise repay evil doers with evil, we show that those who rule society are benevolent and worthy of respect, and it is reciprocated. Draconian societies are so often only held together by fear. Thats ehy the mideast dictators societies unraveled so quick once they couldn’t inspire sufficient fear.

      • Michael Wilson

        Take Fred Phelps funeral for example. By not desecrating it or disrupting it as he did others, we showed that we were just in condemning him because we don’t stoop to his level, his grand kids will see that distinction when they decide who is good and evil. If we had a drag show at his funeral it would only show that it ok to do this if someone is evil enough, just as he thought.