GenCon and the Future of Gaming

GenCon and the Future of Gaming July 28, 2014

GenCon 2014 is fast approaching – a little over two weeks. If you will be in Indianapolis for the occasion, let me know – perhaps our paths will cross, although it is unlikely to happen unless it is planned, given how large and crowded an event it is.

To celebrate the occasion, I thought I’d share this image I saw on Reddit, which features a prediction about gaming in the year 2000, made in the 1980s. It is surprisingly accurate.

Gaming in the year 2000

My favorite comment about it on Reddit was this one:

“In the future one of the most popular games will be played by the whole family featuring a pair of plumber brothers, a princess and an angry giant turtle all driving race cars and trying to sabotage each other with banana peels.”

What do you imagine the future of gaming will look like? Feel free to suggest not only the plausible, but the outlandish. Thanks to the way the internet works, you will probably be able to track down your comment 20 years from now and say, “See, I was right!”

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