Jesus the Exception?

Jesus the Exception? July 27, 2014

While I was traveling recently, lots more appeared in the blogosphere related to the historical Jesus in general, and Bart Ehrman’s book on Christology in particular. Larry Hurtado had a review of the latter published. Jonathan Burke blogged about whether Jesus existed. Cassandra Farrin discussed Jesus’ unique voiceprint.

Bart Ehrman has had a series of posts on his blog related to Craig Evans’ objections to Ehrman’s view that Jesus’ corpse was probably never buried. The posts about crucifixion nails and Josephus deal with what Ehrman feels are Evans’ strongest points.

Both are arguing that Jesus was not an exception to the norm when it came to burials in that time and place. The disagreement is about whether the Romans normally allowed the crucified to be buried. I have yet to read Ehrman’s case in full, but at present my own conclusions agree with Evans’. Josephus emphasizes the importance of prompt burial to Jews, and if observance of this law in the Torah were regularly prohibited, we should expect to hear not only some but a significant outcry about that in our sources.

Matthew Ferguson discussed whether the Gospels are ancient biographies, as well as discussing history and the divine.

Lawrence Schiffman blogged about the Jewish-Christian schism.

Paul Davidson discussed Matthew’s genealogy.

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