Where in the World is James McGrath?

Where in the World is James McGrath? July 19, 2014

The answer to the question is that I am finally back home in Indianapolis. But if you were hoping that I was going to tease you with photos from my travels, here are some for you to try to guess where I visited, which I think may stump you!



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  • When stumped, I always guess… Luxembourg.

  • Herro


  • John McCauslin


  • Anne T

    You got me stumped. This looks American to me (if for no other reason that the clothing and the fort). I would guess Fort Niagara.

    • It is actually in Europe. I did wonder whether the costumes were from a colonial America rummage sale, though! I will post the answer in a separate comment.

  • It is actually Alba Iulia, the Roman capital of Dacia, which today is Romania