Big Names in Biblical Studies

Big Names in Biblical Studies August 3, 2014

Robert Myles responded to recent blogging about the next big thing in Biblical studies, by asking about the current big things, and big names, in Biblical studies. This N-Gram is a result of his inquiry:

Try typing in some other names that come to mind. Are you surprised by which scholars are mentioned more/less frequently?


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  • Sean Garrigan

    Should Larry Hurtado’s name even be on a list dealing with “…historical Jesus scholars over the past few decades”? That’s not really his area of focus. It seems to me that the very fact that he even made a list that deals with historical Jesus research (per the quote on the webpage, at least) probably testifies to just how much of a giant he’s become.

  • Guest

    Here’s an obvious addition that fits above Larry Hurtado:

  • Here’s a picture of the N-Gram I tried:

    • Surely that must include some other James McGraths, mustn’t it? I doubt that my own work has been quoted more than Larry Hurtado’s!

  • I’m surprised at how much E.P. Sanders has fallen.

    • Sean Garrigan

      Is it possible that his historical Jesus research is simply overshadowed by his profound contribution to the New Perspective on Paul?

  • Brazilian

    I added William Lane Craig and Richard Carrier. Craig surprisingly is at second place (I find odd him being so high) behind only John Dominic Crossan. Self denominated genius and only sane (everyone who disagrees with him is stupid, insane or dishonest) scholar in the world Richard Carrier is at the bottom of the list (even behind Acharya S when she’s included).

  • Todd Brewer

    Rudolf Bultmann still dwarfs everyone else 4x over…