Different Views on Human Origins

Different Views on Human Origins August 22, 2014

Origin of Humans

Via God of Evolution

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  • histrogeek

    No criticism of GoE who was no doubt just grabbing a handy image, but would it kill someone who can draw (thus not me) to make a version of that image that doesn’t end with a Northern European as the pinnacle of evolution?

    • dan73

      I was thinking the exact same thing 🙂

      • TomS

        But I also complain about the base being a chimpanzee.
        And, as long as I’m complaining, that the depiction of evolution being linear and directional (e.g., always taller).
        I know that it would be difficult to design a poster which would be more like real evolution and be understood.

    • arcseconds

      Couldn’t one with an african also be interpreted in a racist manner, though? That africans are just one notch above ape-men?

    • I think the picture ends with a Northern European because most Americans are of Northern European ancestry. In China, they probably have a Chinese man; in Ghana, a Ghanaian.

  • Modally and genetically, we should see southern Africans at the end of that…

  • davidschlender

    I realize the monkey-to-man cartoon is nearly as ubiquitous as George Washington’s side profile, but it’s actually an incorrect concept. Homo Sapiens descended from Homo Heidelbergensis, which diverged from Homo Erectus, etc. It doesn’t help the evolutionist’s side when he/she presents bad data.