Doctor Who Infographic

Doctor Who Infographic August 19, 2014


Kasterborus shared the above infographic (click through if the size doesn’t appear correct here).

Although the Doctor has encountered monks, and mentioned learning from monks, throughout the show’s history, as far as I know Tom Baker is the only actor to play the Doctor who actually was connected with the profession of monk.

I still continue to learn things about Doctor Who, after such a long time watching the show!


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  • 1888 – The year the Doctor got his doctorate.

    And I love the fact that Polly questions it’s usefulness 😉

  • histrogeek

    It’s wrong about the Brigadier. The actor Nicolas Courtney appeared with Doctors 1-5, but not he wasn’t Lethbridge-Stewart when he appeared with the First Doctor. Also I don’t recall him with the Seventh Doctor, but with college and a general dislike of the writing during the McCoy years, I admit I’m a bit hazy on that era.

    • Tony


    • Quite right about the fact that the actor appeared with the first Doctor, but not as the Brigadier!

    • Jonathan Bernier

      But didn’t he appear with the First Doctor in The Five Doctors? I mean, yeah, the First Doctor was played by a different actor (as noted above) because Hartnell had passed away, but still.

      • histrogeek

        No, Nicholas Courtney was in the Hartnell story, The Dalek Master Plan, but he played a character called Bret Vyon.

        • Arent you both right? Nicholas Courtney was in Doctor Who in the William Hartnell era, but not as the Brigadier. The Brigadier was in the episode The Five Doctors, which included the first Doctor, but not played by William Hartnell.

          • Jonathan Bernier


            So we have Nicholas Courtney with William Hartnell, but not playing the Brigadier. Then we have The Brigadier with the First Doctor, but not played by Hartnell.