The Doctor Stands Before The Redeemer

The Doctor Stands Before The Redeemer August 23, 2014

The intersection of religion and Doctor Who in this photo from the Doctor Who world tour caught my eye. How would you caption it? What Doctor Who dialogue could you imagine if this were a scene from an episode?

In related news, I'm thinking of including on a list of fun assignments for a class I am teaching this semester, the possibility of writing a Doctor Who minisode in which the Doctor travels back into Earth history and meets Paul the apostle. What do you think might happen in such an episode?


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Response to Raphael Lataster
"“dead people were not thought to become celestial rulers“Not even Jesus? :-)"

Response to Raphael Lataster
"I name my computers after demons. I'm currently on Pazuzu, and Asmodeus is at home."

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Response to Raphael Lataster

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  • Just Sayin’

    I think it would be a very boring episode!

    • Well, it could be a boring episode, but I don’t see why it would have to be. Did you find the audiobook “The Council of Nicaea” boring? Whether the plot twist was the Doctor’s visit having the potential to change human history in catastrophic ways, or that the forces that were trying to stop Paul in Ephesus were really aliens, there are all sorts of ways that Doctor Who could make it not boring. 🙂

  • Darach Conneely

    Don’t blink.

  • You could base the entire episode on 2 Corinthians 12:1-10. The apostle is taken someplace amazing in the Tardis, and he interprets the experience as being caught up to the third heaven, up to paradise, hearing inexpressible things. The Doctor, in this case, becomes Paul’s thorn in the flesh, a messenger from Satan, sent to torment him.

    While in the first century, the Doctor learns that the past versions of the Family of Blood have detected him in the past and are searching for him. He, once again, disguises himself as human (temporarily removing his own memory of being a time lord), and becomes Lucius Caecilius Lucundus, adopts a family, and settles in Pompeii until he is rescued from Vesuvius by himself as the 10th doctor and relocates to Rome.