What “Biblical” Means for Ken Ham

What “Biblical” Means for Ken Ham August 1, 2014

God of Evolution shared a Facebook comment on an Answers in Genesis post, and since the coment is brilliant, I decided to share it:

This is required reading for all who oppose the way Answers in Genesis misuses the Bible for their own gain. The article presents zero instances in which Jesus refers to a literal six days of creation, or in any way teaches that the creation accounts must be taken literally (because, of course, no such passages exist). Then the piece inexplicably concludes with, “Jesus said clearly that He created in six days.” It's like one of those staged wrestling matches, where the job collapses suddenly and for mysterious reasons, and the other guy is declared the winner. Honestly, how do they get by with this drivel?

Then God of Evolution also shared this image, which likewise makes an imprtant point about Answers in Genesis:




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