Even If The Bible Says

Even If The Bible Says September 4, 2014


This cartoon from David Hayward highlights an interesting question. Some think that, if they can find a verse in the Bible that says it is OK to be a jerk, then it is OK to be a jerk.

But I’d suggest that, at this point, the very act of looking for justification for being jerk, shows that you are a jerk. And that status doesn’t change, or become less problematic, no matter what the Bible happens to say on the topic.

What the Bible says doesn’t make something moral or immoral. But how you use the Bible, and what you go to it seeking to justify, does say a lot about your morality or lack thereof.

See also the discussion of different views of the Bible on the Jesus Creed blog.

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  • TomS

    There is a story about W. C. Fields in old age observed reading the Bible. When asked about his seeming finding of religion, Fields said he was looking for loopholes.

    • Looking for loopholes isn’t necessarily always a bad thing, is it? When the rabbis found loopholes to justify not applying the death penalty in a variety of cases, that seems to me to be potentially admirable, even though the quest for loopholes can become problematic, and perhaps inevitably does.

  • Jonathan Bernier

    “But I’d suggest that, at this point, the very act of looking for justification for being jerk, shows that you are a jerk.” Spot on.

  • the_Siliconopolitan

    So, being a jerk is bad, but slaying Amalekites is A-OK?

    • Jonathan Bernier

      When I see a serious proposal for contemporary Amalekite-slaying then I will consider this a significant issue.

    • You wouldn’t consider slaying Amalekites “being a jerk”?!