Shame on Jerry Coyne

Shame on Jerry Coyne September 7, 2014

In a comment on his blog, Jerry Coyne responded to my recent post by quoting what I wrote and then writing the following:


This is a complete distortion of what I have said. I never started out by wanting Jesus not to exist. I had no opinion on the matter, and it was only until the controversy became public that I got interested and saw the paucity of evidence for Jesus.

You can distort my words on yoru website, but you will not be posting here any more. This is your last post.

I am disappointed by his failure to recognize that our desires are not always conscious ones. I am also disppointed that he has decided to ban me.

But what is most disappointing remains the fact that he chooses to use his blog to combat misinformation that comes from a fringe viewpoint related to his own field, and to promote misinformation that comes from a fringe viewpoint related to another field.

I haven't been banned from many blogs – unless I'm forgetting one, the only two that I've been banned from are Uncommon Descent and Why Evolution Is True. I will continue to hope that Coyne might see the parallel and find it disturbing as I do.

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