Bibliobloggers’ Gatherings at SBL/AAR

Bibliobloggers’ Gatherings at SBL/AAR October 15, 2014

An evening has been proposed for the bibliobloggers’ gathering in San Diego: Saturday, November 22nd. It can be a long event, to accommodate those who cannot get there until later in the evening, as well as those who would like to have dinner. What time would other bibliobloggers who want to attend like it to start, and are there any suggestions about where to hold it?

Although this event has been known for a number of years now as the “Bibliobloggers’ Gathering,” I would like to invite all religion bloggers, whether on the AAR or SBL side, as I have for the past several years.

Of related interest, Fortress Press is planning to have general editors Gale Yee, Matthew Coomber, and David Sánchez (3 of the 6 editors of the Fortress Commentary on the Bible), along with Fortress Editors Neil Elliott and Scott Tunseth, at the Fortress suite for an informal blogger roundtable at SBL on Monday (11/24) from 10:00-11:30 am.

The first biblical studies bloggers interested in attending should contact Emily Varner directly; the event will likely have a fairly low attendance cap (20 or fewer total participants, perhaps). Emily’s contact contact info is:

Fortress will send bloggers who attend a copy of either the OT or NT volume of this commentary ahead of time, so that participants can review it and form questions for the editors. More info on the newly released Fortress Commentary on the Bible is at the link above and numerous others on that page, such as an interview with the editors, what contributors have to say, and an online sample.

If you are interested in the latter event, please contact Emily Varner directly. And if you are interested in the informal bibliobloggers’ gathering, please discuss it here, and also spread the word to others who may be interested in attending. Hope you can make it!

Bibliiobloggers gathering

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