Barack Obama: I’m Not Saying You Were Aliens, But…

Barack Obama: I’m Not Saying You Were Aliens, But… November 20, 2014


I support the separation of church and state, and am pretty sure that the President of the United States has no business quoting Exodus or any part of the Bible in an official speech.

On the other hand, contrary to what conspiracy theorists are sure to come up with soon if they haven’t already, this statement from president Obama has nothing to do with Roswell…


"___ Thank you Religion Prof. … for releasing my comment below. ____ 👍"

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  • I don’t think separation of church and state means President Obama can’t speak from his own religious position or state his own religious views, even in an official speech, in support of why he makes a particular political decision. Everyone makes decisions from their own moral perspective, and there’s no sense in pretending neutrality when there’s no such thing.

  • arcseconds

    Do you mean perhaps “am pretty sure the President has no business” or “am not sure the President has any business” ?

    • Yes, either of those would have been better than the mixture of the two that I ended up with! I will fix it…