Blogger and Online Publication Call for Papers

Blogger and Online Publication Call for Papers December 16, 2014

The Call for Papers for the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature is now online. Here’s the call for papers from the Blogger and Online Publication section:

 The Blogger and Online Publication Section has focused most of its attention in recent years on the blogging side of its name. And thus discussions related to online publication – such as the challenges of preserving digital materials, and the ways in which online publications are appreciated, or fail to be appreciated, in faculty evaluation – are especially encouraged. The session will conclude with a panel of bloggers discussing topics which have been the focus of attention on blogs and in other online forums in the months prior to the annual meeting.

I’ve been wondering whether online activity is so much a part of what we do now, that it may no longer need a program unit of the sort where papers are given. What would you think of the idea of transitioning to some kind of additional meeting which was entirely in the form of panel discussions about what has been happening on the blogs in recent months? It seems the ideal venue to discuss things that have been in the news since the call for papers closed, and so which won’t be on the formal program elsewhere.

If we did that, would it be worth making it an AAR religion bloggers event as well as an SBL bibliobloggers one?

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