Doctor Who Nativity

Doctor Who Nativity December 26, 2014

I came across this picture on Reddit. I hope that someone is keeping their eyes on that angel!

Can you envisage the story? Baby Jesus attacked by a Dalek and a Weeping Angel, and the Doctor arrives to save the day? What details would you fill in?


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  • Erp

    Can a Weeping Angel affect a Dalek? Perhaps this explains the dating issues between Matthew and Luke. Scenario, Joseph and Mary go to Bethlehem as according to Luke in 4CE, baby born, weeping angel shows up just after the presentation in the temple and they are thrown back say 10 years to 6BCE and stay in Bethlehem. In 4 or 5 BCE the magi show up, family flees to Egypt but don’t return to Nazareth until 4CE again but after their first departure. Perhaps they return first to Bethlehem but encounter a dalek/weeping angel fight there (dalek wins but then defeated by the Doctor) which causes them to avoid the place (Matthew got the reason wrong and maybe the Doctor advised them so as to avoid crossing the time line).

    • Nick G

      Well that’s a lot more convincing than the Biblical inerrantist attempts at reconciling the two narratives!

  • Darach Conneely

    And they shall call his name Stormageddon…