Ken Ham Announces Scaled Down Ark Park

Ken Ham Announces Scaled Down Ark Park December 12, 2014

Scaled down ark park

Yes, this is satire…I think.

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  • Thanks for the laugh! Yes, it’s probably satire, seeing how Mr. Ham has decided to invest money in billboards saying that no one can “sink this boat.”

  • Thorsen Vreeland

    now he’s seeking a grant from Revell

  • Surely he could afford two cats, two dogs, and two ponies!

  • Loren Crow

    Pardon my mathematical ignorance: isn’t a scale model specifically NOT a literal reconstruction?

    • No, it’s satire that is specifically NOT a literal reconstruction.

  • Boarczar Zila

    What is THIS? An Ark Park for ANTS?!

    • Richard Forrest

      …or perhaps and ark for people with the intelligence and critical faculties of ants?

  • Theodore Cyrene

    Yes, it’s satire, but it COULD be true. That’s my meme!