LOST Rewatch: What Kate Did

LOST Rewatch: What Kate Did December 28, 2014

The episode starts with the contrast between Sun and Jin’s bliss being reunited, and Sayid digging a grave. Sawyer tells Jack that he loves Kate. Later, Kate kisses Jack.

While Kate is picking fruit in the jungle, she sees a black horse. In a flashback, we see a man come home drunk. Kate helps him to bed, then leaves as the house explodes. She goes to see her mother, and we see evidence that Wayne beat her up. Kate gives her mother an insurance policy that she took out on the house. Then she leaves, her mother asking her what she did. She tells her mother, “I took care of you, ma.”

Later, we learn that when she was first arrested, it was her mother who gave her up. There is a car accident, in which she gets away with the car of the Marshall who arrested her, and just before driving off, she sees a black horse. She goes to see the man she calls “dad,” who is in the army. But she realized when making a scrapbook, and seeing photos of him in Korea 4 months before she was born, that in fact Wayne was her father. She asks why he didn’t kill Wayne, and he says “Because I don’t have murder in my heart.”

Kate says she is going crazy, and asks Sayid if he believes in ghosts. He tells her about seeing Walt in the jungle, and asks if that makes him crazy.

Kate thinks that Wayne is talking to her through Sawyer when he is delirious because of his infection. She asks why he murdered him. She tells him it was because she hated that he was a part of her, that there would never be anything good in her. She says that she hates when Sawyer reminds her of him. He asks her, “Are we saved,” and she says, “No, not yet.” When they go outside, she and Sawyer see the horse together.

Michael notices that the hatch has blast doors. Locke shows Michael and Mr. Eko the orientation film. Eko comes back later and tells the story of Josiah and the finding of “the book of law.” He says “you may know it as the Old Testament.” He shows Locke the book he found, in a hatch on the other side of the island. We then see that the Bible had a space cut out and a filmstrip with Marvin Candle hidden inside. Locke asks what the odds are – someone made the film, someone cut a piece out, a plane crashes in two parts, and survivors bring the two pieces together. Eko tells him, “Don’t mistake coincidence for fate.” The missing part of the film, now restored, warns of trying to use the computer to communicate with the outside world, as that could jeopardize the integrity of the project and perhaps even lead to another incident. Meanwhile, the computer says “Hello” and Michael responds, and when he says who he is, is met with the question “Dad?”


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