Santa’s Transcript

Santa’s Transcript December 23, 2014

Santa's transcript Santa's transcript 2 Inside Higher Ed shared a copy of Santa’s university transcript. Given his busy schedule, I’m not surprised that he has taken so long to finish his degree. But isn’t having a degree issues by a registrar who is also your employee a conflict of interest?

I wonder who else it would be interesting to make a fictional university transcript for. Any suggestions?

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  • Caleb G

    Too bad Santa didn’t take Elvish instead of Elfish so he could deliver presents to the inhabitants of Middle-Earth.
    If Santa could run over Grandma and still get a C+ in an elective class entitled Avoiding Grandma and Other Pedestrians, I question the academic credibility of the North Pole University. How do we know this is not just an in-house diploma mill?

    • You could be right, although grade inflation is a problem even at mainstream institutions.