YEC Connect the Dots

YEC Connect the Dots December 4, 2014

Connect the Dots YEC

The image above appeared on the blog Friendly Atheist. It makes a number of points – not least of which is that the dishonesty and special pleading of young-earth creationists makes them a subject of deserved mockery.

But it also engages in some sleight of hand itself. Creationists – meaning anyone who believes in a Creator – believe that “God did it,” but most do not for that reason deny evolution. They recognize that the same dots which, viewed from a scientific perspective, clearly indicate that evolution occurred, are not incompatible with the conviction that all natural processes are ultimately the result of divine creative activity.


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  • Bethany

    Pedantically I’d also say that if you’re playing connect-the-dots with your data you’re doing it wrong. I mean, not that a certain amount of playing connect-the-dots isn’t inevitable, but the question is how the inferential statistics are connecting the dots. 🙂

  • BruceWayne

    How is a “Creator” the best explanation for the origins of the universe, or life? In what other ways do you apply your belief in magical explanations?

    • Avenger

      Given some physical stuff and a set of rules in accordance with which the stuff behaves, you have something that science can study. On the question why either the stuff or the rules exist, science has nothing to say.