Young John the Baptist, and John the Methodist

Young John the Baptist, and John the Methodist December 9, 2014
John the Baptist as a kid
2014-12-06 15.28.29

Both via Episcopal Church Memes on Facebook.


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  • If Jesus was a sinner, from what did he repent? And if he was not a sinner, why did he ever get baptized?

    John the Baptist presented genuine problems. Since the baptism made John look like the mentor of Jesus and the initiator of his career, the Baptist had to be demoted, but not too much; the initiator became the forerunner. Mark’s method of performing that demotion is fascinating because, paradoxically, it does in fact the opposite, and had to be corrected, three different ways, by the other three evangelists.

    The baptism itself was the first awkward fact. Ordinarily, John’s baptism stood as a sign that one had repented of sin: “A baptism in token of repentance, for the forgiveness of sins” (Mark 1:4). It appears not to have troubled Mark that he presented Jesus as a repentant sinner. There is no hint in Mark’s first chapter that Jesus was in any way the Son of God before his baptism; indeed, there is the clear hint that at least Mark’s source, if not Mark himself, held the “adoptionist” theology.

    Randel Helms (1988) Gospel Fictions. Prometheus Books.

  • Dan

    I do think Mark teaches adoptionism. See Bart Ehrman’s latest book.

    I disagree with the second image. I had a full-body immersion baptism in the UMC. It does happen.