American Christians Celebrate Paris Massacre

American Christians Celebrate Paris Massacre January 15, 2015

The title of this blog post is the equivalent of what the Christian Broadcasting Network recently offered, when it reported on a radical cleric in Pakistan who managed to get a grand total of 40 people to attend a funeral honoring the terrorists who killed people at the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris.

The headline they chose?

“Pakistani Muslims Celebrate Paris Massacre.”

I am pretty sure that Westboro Baptist Church alone could provide us with 40 people who rejoiced at an attack on a magazine which has insulted Christianity far more often than Islam. But I am sure that there are more than 40 people in this country who think that Charlie Hebdo got what it deserved. And far more than 40 Muslims have decried the terrorist attacks in Paris.

And so is my headline to this blog post fair and accurate? If not, then neither is CBN’s.

Since CBN is Pat Robertson’s organization, this cartoon from Mike Luckovich seems the best way to sum up the point:

Pat Robertson accountability_363_265

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  • Well done, and appropriate.

  • Andrew Dowling

    Nothing quite demonstrates the shallow putrid cesspool that encompasses a large swath of American Christianity quite like CBN . . . . .yuck.

  • Shawn Oberg

    It is good to know that there some Muslims in many countries who publicly decried the Paris attacks. That takes courage because now they are at risk of being targeted by terrorists under a “fatwa”.
    Some of my questions are:
    1) Why does not CNN, ABC,NBC, CBS, MSNBC, etc.inform the American public about these anti-terrorist declarations from inside the Muslim community?
    2) If there are 1.6 BILLION Muslims worldwide, and only @70,000 Muslim terrorists, why don’t the 1.5999 Billion peace-loving and moderate Muslims easily overpower and silence the terrorists forever?
    3) Where do the terrorist groups get their money for weapons?
    4) Why aren’t these funding sources exposed in massive worldwide media outlets 24/7 and shut down by every government in the world?

    • The second, third, and fourth questions are like asking why there are still gangs, militias, snipers, and others in the United States when the vast majority of Americans oppose such things. And where do those people get their money for weapons, and why aren’t their funding sources exposed by the media and shut down?