Robo-Scribe January 1, 2015

This post is not about the conservative religious view of the Biblical authors and copyists, whose writing activity was supposedly taken over by God to make God the author. No, this isn’t a metaphor – it is about an actual robotic scribe! Bible History Daily reported the story, including the fact that the process does not produce a scroll that can be used in orthodox synagogues – not only because of the materials used in the process, but also because a robot (at least of the sort we are capable of making today) cannot write a Biblical text with reverence. Do you think that might change one day?

Here’s a photo of robo-scribe from the article I mentioned:


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  • … cannot write a Biblical text with reverence.

    And I would have thought that accuracy was more important than reverence.

  • Gary

    Reverence? I’ve got two diplomas signed by Ronald Reagan, as governor of California…NOT! Auto pen was used a long time ago. If it’s good enough for Ronnie…

  • Shiphrah99

    I wonder if it’s kosher enough for the klafim in mezzuzot. Probably not, but the hand written ones aren’t always kosher either *and* are prohibitively expensive, enough that an Orthodox rabbi I know says it’s an aveirah.