Ten Possible New Names

Ten Possible New Names January 3, 2015

Anthony Le Donne has responded to my question about possible new names for my blog with a list of ten possibilities. Some of my favorites include:

Dinosaurs with Saddles

Horus Is Just Alright With Me

McGrath’s Gaffes

The Epistle of St. James the Nonplussed

Click through to read the rest of them.

From what I’ve heard thus far, few people think the blog needs to be renamed. But let’s all still have some fun with funny suggestions!

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  • Of those, I particularly liked “The Epistle of St. James the Nonplussed”.

    I’m inclined to say that suggestion 9 should be changed to “Indiana James and the Funky Mythicists” (“Indiana” rather than “Indianapolis”). I’ve got nothing against “Indianapolis” but it just doesn’t have the right rhythm.

    • Gary

      Or Matrix Transformations of James the Confessor.

    • Yes, something with Indiana James could be fun. What about “Indiana James and the Raiders of the Lost Jesus”? Or perhaps “Indiana Jones and the Tusken Raiders of the Lost Ark Park”?

      • The first of those could be a great choice for an alternative April Fools logo. But I don’t know if that’s easy to do on Patheos.

  • Darach Conneely

    McGrath Poured Out

  • How about “The Blog Formerly Known As…” 😉

  • “Adventures in Space and Time and Metaphysics”

  • Veryrarelystable

    I have no suggestion for a name, but please can you move to a different platform from Patheos, which crashes my computer, force closes my iPad, leaves the site to go onto an advert, etc. In general the site acts as if it is infected by viruses, which is a really dissuasive force for visiting your blog in the first place.

  • Kubricks_Rube

    Chameleon Archeology